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Senior Scholar

John Lehr

Dr. John C. Lehr, Professor (retired)

Department of Geography
University of Winnipeg
515 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3B 2E9



B.A. Hons. (Wales)
M.A. (Alberta)
Ph.D. (Manitoba)

Areas of Interest:
Historical Geography
Western Canada
Music and Geography
Symbolic Landscapes

Research Interests:
Ukrainian settlement in western Canada.
Ukrainian settlements in South America.
Communal settlements in Canada and Israel.
Provincial parks in Manitoba.

Selected Publications:

Katz, Y., and Lehr J. (2012) Inside the Ark: The Hutterites in Canada and the United States (Regina: Canadian Plains Research Center),  432p.

Lehr, J. (2011) Community and Frontier: A Ukrainian Settlement in the Canadian Parkland, (Winnipeg: University of Manitoba Press), 261p.

Lehr, J., and McDowell D. (2011) Trailblazers: the Lives and Times of Michael and Muriel (Smith) Ewanchuk, (Winnipeg: Carpathia Publishing), 226p.

Chapters in books:
Katz, Y. and Lehr, J.  (2012) "Gender, power and equality: women's roles in Hutterite society." In Eliezer Ben-Rafael, Yaacov Oved and Menachem Topel. (eds.), The Communal Idea in the 21st. Century. (Holland, USA: Brill), 241-266.

Lehr, J., and Zubricky, K. (2012) "Image-Building in Manitoba," in Jean Harvey and Robert Young (eds.), Image Building in Canadian Municipalities (Kingston: McGill-Queens University Press),  49-91.

Lehr J. and Aponiuk N. (2012) “A Question of Endurance:  Negotiating Ukrainian Identity in Manitoba.”  In George Knysh, Jaroslav Rozumnyj, and Orest Cap (eds.), To the Source: Essays on the Sixtieth Anniversary of the Ukrainian Academy of Arts and Sciences in Canada 1949-2009.  (Winnipeg: Ukrainian Academy of Arts and Sciences in Canada), 285-299.

Lehr, J., and Cipko S. (2011) “Ukrainians in Brazil: Findings from a Survey on Identity,” in Maryna Hrymych, Andriy Nahachewsky, Serge Cipko and Olga Nadia Kalko (eds.), Ukrainians in Brazil: A Historic-Ethnologic Study, (Kyiv: Duliby), 104-118.

Cipko, S., and Lehr J. (2011)  “From the Prairies to Paraná: An Alberta development project in the Municipio de Prudentópolis. Brazil, in Maryna Hrymych, Andriy Nahachewsky, Serge Cipko and Olga Nadia Kalko (eds.), Ukrainians in Brazil: A Historic-Ethnologic Study, (Kyiv: Duliby), 188-195.

Lehr J. and Katz, Y. (2010) “The Hutterites’ dilemma: a closed society confronts diversity, multiculturalism and globalization,” In Om P. Juneja and Sudhi Rajiv (eds.), Understanding Diversity: Canada and India (New Delhi: Creative Books), 25-26.

Lehr, J. (2009) A Jewish farmer can’t be: land settlement policies and ethnic settlement in Western Canada 1970-1919, in Annalee Greenberg and Daniel Stone (eds.), Jewish Life and Times: A Collection of Essays Vol. 9. (Winnipeg: Jewish Heritage Centre), 18-28.

Albanski, L. and Lehr, J. (2012) “Identity, integration and assimilation recorded in Manitoba’s Polish and Ukrainian cemeteries,” Great Plains Research, 22 (1), 3-14.  

Lehr, J. (2011) “Owa: A Dariusleut Hutterite Colony in Japan,” Prairie Perspectives: Geographical Essays 13: 30-38.

Lehr J., and Aponiuk N. (2011) “Memory, myth and monuments: the commemoration of contested past in Western Ukraine,” Memory Connection 1 (1): 212-228  (on-line journal)

Aponiuk, N., and Lehr Dz. [Lehr, J]. (2011)“Pytannia vytryvalosti:  vstanovlennia ukrains’koi identychnosti v Manitobi. [A question of endurance: negotiating Ukrainian identity in Manitoba].” Ukrains’kyy vymir, zbirnyk materialiv z Ukrainy ta diaspory [The Ukrainian dimension, a collection of materials from Ukraine and the diaspora].  (Chernihiv, Ukraine). 

Lehr, J. (2009) “Image building in the Rural Municipality of Stuartburn, Manitoba: The need for public policy,” Prairie Perspectives 12: 195-212.

Lehr J., and McGregor, B. (2009) The geography of bilingual schools in Manitoba, Manitoba History ,61 (Fall), 33-36.

Lehr J., and McGregor, B. (2008) “Using schools to map the frontier of settlement on the Canadian prairies,” Great Plains Research 18 (Spring), 53-66.

Church M., and  Lehr, J. (2007) “The portrayal of the prairies in Canadian children’s literature,” Prairie Forum 32 (1),111-122.

Lehr, J., Everitt, J., and Evans, S. (2008) “The making of the prairie landscape.” Prairie Forum 33 (1), 1-38.  Reprinted in Gregory P. Marchildon, (ed.), Immigration and Settlement, 1870-1939, (Regina: Canadian Plains Research Center, 2009), 13-56.

Lehr, J., Bartlet J., and Tabvahtah, J. (2006) “The distant beat of my father’s drums: contemporary Aboriginal music and NCI-FM broadcasting, Manitoba, Canada,” GeoJournal 65, 79-90.

Lehr, J. and Aponiuk, N. (2006) “Zberezhennya ukrainc’koyii identynoti v manitobi (kanada) ictorychni perspektyvy,” Ukrainskyi vimir 5, 71-73.


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