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Faculty and Staff

Gina Sylvestre

Gina Sylvestre
(Assistant Professor)

Office: 5L04
Phone: (204) 982-1146
Fax: (204) 943-4695


B.A. (Manitoba)
M.A. (Manitoba)
Ph.D. (Manitoba)

Courses (2017-2018):
GEOG-1102(3) Intro Human Geography I
GEOG-1103(3) Intro Human Geography II
GEOG-3443/4443(3) Advanced Tourism
GEOG-2414(3) Urban Environment
GEOG-2431(3) Population

Areas of Interest:
Housing, well-being and residential migration
Environmental impacts on mobility of vulnerable populations
Social exclusion and aging
Community development and intergenerational linkages

Research Interests:
Transitions in transportation usage by older adults
Winter sidewalk condition bulletin
Neighbourhood deprivation and aging
Leadership development and knowledge mobilization of rural seniors

Selected Publications:
Sylvestre, G.M. and Smith, G.C. (2009) Spatial aspects of the residential adjustments of older parents moving to low-income senior housing: A longitudinal study. Geoforum, 40, 918-929.

Smith, G.C. and Sylvestre, G.M. (2008) Effects of neighbourhood and individual change on the personal outcomes of recent movers to low-income senior housing. Research on Aging, 30 (5), 592-617.

Havens, B., Hall, M., Sylvestre, G., and Jivan, T. (2004). Social isolation and loneliness: Differences between older rural and urban Manitobans. Canadian Journal on Aging, 23 (2), 129-140.

Smith, G.C., Sylvestre, G.M., and Anderson Ramsay, H. (2002). Local social and service environments of an urban housing market for seniors. Housing and Society, 29 (1/2), 23-44.

Smith, G.C. and Sylvestre, G.M. (2001). Determinants of the travel behavior of the suburban elderly. Growth and Change, 32, Summer, 395-412.

Professional Reports:
Capelle, D., Wiebe, A., and Sylvestre, G. (2011). Development of a Winter Sidewalk
Condition Bulletin: Report to Safe Communities Winnipeg. Winnipeg, MB.:  Institute of Urban Studies, University of Winnipeg.

Cardona, K., Wiebe, A., and Sylvestre, G. (2010). Strategies for Assisting Older Drivers:
Recommendations for Community-driven Interventions. Winnipeg, MB.:  Institute of Urban Studies, University of Winnipeg.

McNairnay, E., Kliewer, K. and Sylvestre, G. (2009). Community Transportation Toolkit: Interpreting and Implementing the Mobility Disadvantaged Transportation Program Guidelines. Winnipeg, MB.: Institute of Urban Studies, University of Winnipeg.

Cardona Claros, K., Ladd, A. and Sylvestre, G. (2008). Investigating the Social Capital and Capacity of Older Adults in Rural Manitoba. Winnipeg, MB.: Institute of Urban Studies, University of Winnipeg.

Sylvestre, G., Gaudry, L. and Christopher, G. (2007). Mobility Options for the Aging Population of Manitoba: An Action Plan for Regional Solutions. Winnipeg, MB.: Institute of Urban Studies, University of Winnipeg.

Distasio, J., Sylvestre, G. and Mulligan, S. (2005). Home is Where the Heart is and Right Now that is Nowhere: An Examination of Hidden Homelessness Among Aboriginal Peoples in Prairie Cities. Winnipeg, MB: Institute of Urban Studies, University of Winnipeg.  

Distasio, J. and Sylvestre, G. (2004). First Nations/Métis/Inuit Mobility Study: Final Report. Winnipeg, MB: Institute of Urban Studies, University of Winnipeg.



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