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Department of Geography Degree Checklist

  • 3-year BA
  • 3-year BSc
  • 4-year BA
  • 4-year BSc
  • 4-year BA Honours
  • 4-year BSc Honours
These checklists are available on Webadvisor/Student Planning

These checklists do not include the General Degree requirements (e.g. the Humanities Requirement, the Writing Requirement).  For these, please refer to the Geography and Degree and Major Requirements sections of the Course Calendar.

Important reminders:

  • The Major Requirements can change over time.  Technically, the Major Requirements you must satisfy are those in place in the year in which you declare a Geography Major.  To declare your major, see the Department Chair or a Geography faculty advisor.
  • There are no restrictions on changing your mind about what degree you are pursuing.  For example, you can at any time change your major declaration from a 3-year Geography B.A. to a 4-year Geography B.A., or from a 3-year Geography B.A. to a 3-year Geography B.Sc., and so on.  However, to do this you must get the Department Chair or a Geography faculty advisor to sign the appropriate major declaration form, and have it submitted to Student Records.
  • To earn a Double Major you must satisfy the major requirements of both departments.  A Double Major may only be earned for equivalent degrees (e.g., two 3-year B.A. majors, or two 4-year B.Sc. majors).
  • Only students who have declared themselves as Geography Majors are eligible for the many scholarships issued by the Geography Department. 
  • Once you have declared your major, you should meet annually with the Department Chair or a Geography faculty advisor to discuss your degree requirements and course selections.  The Department Chair does have the ability to alter Major Requirements, but only in special circumstances.
  • Students should also meet with a Student Advisor in Student Services to make sure that all Degree Requirements are understood and are being met.
  • Remember: for all degrees, students may use a maximum of 42 credit hours of courses at the 1000-level or lower; of these, a maximum of 6 credit hours may be below the 1000-level.  Since all Geography Majors must take 12 credit hours of 1000-level Geography courses, it is especially important that you select your intro-level courses carefully.  In some circumstances, Geography Majors in 4-year degree programs may be allowed to take 45 credit hours of 1000-level courses (permission must be obtained from a University Student Advisor).
If you need to make an appointment with the Department Chair or a Geography faculty advisor, please contact the department’s office assistant at (204) 786-9278.


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