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Introductory and General Courses

GEOG-1102(3) INTRODUCTORY HUMAN GEOGRAPHY I: PEOPLE, CULTURE AND ENVIRONMENT (Le3) Attitudes to the world are determined to a great extent by culture. The ways in which people behave, socially and geographically, are determined by systems of belief and cultural understandings. The focus of this introductory course is the role of culture in determining geographical patterns and landscapes. It will consider language, religion, rural and urban settlement, global and gender inequities, the expression of power in the landscape and the changing global political landscape. Emphasis will be placed on current developments in the tension areas of the world.
Restrictions: Students may not receive credit for both GEOG-1102(3) and the former GEOG-1101(6).

GEOG-1103(3) INTRODUCTORY HUMAN GEOGRAPHY II: POPULATION, PLACE AND DEVELOPMENT (Le3) The growth of the human population, how this population earns its livelihood, and the various forms of settlement are placing serious strains on our environment. The ability to cope with these issues will determine the quality of life the world's population will experience in the future. The focus of this introductory course in population change and migration, various forms of economic activity, urbanization, levels of development and the implications of changes in these theme areas will be emphasized for the environment. Current developments in these areas of the world will highlight important concepts and issues. The course will illustrate how geographical concepts and tools can be used to analyse and inform these issues.
Restrictions: Students may not receive credit for both GEOG-1103(3) and the former GEOG-1101(6).

GEOG-1201(3) INTRODUCTORY ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCE (Le3,La2) This course is an introduction to the atmospheric sciences of climatology and meteorology. The introduction to climatology examines how and why average atmospheric conditions (i.e., climates) vary from place to place and over time (e.g., over months, years, centuries). The introduction to meteorology surveys the nature of the atmosphere and the causes and characteristics of short-term atmospheric conditions (i.e., weather). Methods of collecting and analyzing climate and weather data are reviewed, as are the ways in which atmospheric processes interact with other components of the ecosphere (i.e, the biosphere, litosphere, hydrosphere, humans).
Requisite Course: GEOG-1201L (lab) must be taken concurrently.
Note: This course can be used towards the Science Requirement.

GEOG-1202(3) INTRODUCTORY EARTH SCIENCE (Le3,La2) This course introduces students to geomorphology, the study of landforms and landscapes on the surface of the Earth. Processes of geologic (mountain building, volcanism, etc.) and geomorphic change (weathering, erosion, and deposition by water, ice, and wind) will be surveyed.
Requisite Course: GEOG-1202L (lab) must be taken concurrently.
Note: This course can be used towards the Science Requirement.

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