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Welcome to the
Department of Geography

This image of the earth, centred on the University of Winnipeg, displays the real time position of the circle of illumination, the boundary between day and night.

Public Lecture

Freshwater biota and rising pCO2

Dr. Caleb Hasler (Dept. of Biology, University of Winnipeg) Wednesday, November 22 from 12:30-1:20 pm in room 5L24 Lockhart Hall.

CO2 injected into freshwater ecosystems may be an effective method for controlling the spread of invasive species, specifically bigheaded carps. Studies have shown fish will avoid high pCO2 areas, suggesting that plumes of high CO2 in water bodies may be an effective barrier to fish movement.  We have completed a series of studies to determine whether exposure to high CO2 alters native fishes and mussels.  Key findings have shown that CO2 alters some common fish behaviors, and mussels exposed to CO2 have been found to undergo stress responses.

Geography in the News

Powerful earthquake on Iran-Iraq border kills more than 350, injures thousands: CBC News Nov 13, 2017— A powerful magnitude 7.3 earthquake that struck the Iraq-Iran border region on Sunday and has left over 350 people dead has sent people fleeing their homes, authorities said Monday.

Global CO2 levels shot up at record speed in 2016: CBC News Oct 30, 2017— 'We are actually moving in the wrong direction,' WMO secretary-general says.

Air pollution cuts solar energy potential in China: SolarDaily Oct 26, 2017— China is rapidly expanding its solar power supply, hoping to meet 10 percent of the nation's electricity needs with solar energy by 2030. But there's a problem: severe air pollution is blocking light from the sun.

EPA keeps agency scientists from speaking on climate change at conference: CBC News Oct 23, 2017— 'It's just been a constant effort at trying to silence conversation about climate change': Democratic senator

Three-quarters of the total insect population lost in protected nature reserves: TerraDaily Oct 20, 2017— Since 1989, in 63 nature reserves in Germany the total biomass of flying insects has decreased by more than 75 percent.

Map of the Week: Geological map of North America showing bedrock ages.


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The University of Winnipeg's Co-operative Education Program is open to all undergraduate students from all disciplines. It is a three way partnership with the student, the employing organization, and The University of Winnipeg.

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Background maps:
Plan of the City of Winnipeg, 1874 by John D. Parr, Toronto.
Laurie's Map of the Northwest Territories, 1870 by D. Codd, Ottawa.